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      Settlement Services We can handle every step for your settlement.  Once an order is placed with Global Title, Inc., consider it done.  We’ll take you from the initial title search, to preparing any needed documents, straight through to the settlement table.  We offer a complete range of settlement choices and a quick turn around time!

Online Ordering
- Quick, convenient, easy online ordering is just one click away! Click on the place order tab and fill in the necessary fields to start your closing process.

Multiple Closing Agents - We have numerous closing agents, seasoned and ready to close your loan. Pennsylvania and Maryland Loans will be closed by our in house closing agents. Delaware law requires that an attorney handle real estate settlements, so we aligned ourselves Attorney and Law firms throughout the State. All of our closing agents are knowledgeable and seasoned by years of experience.

In House Closings - At your work, on your lunch hour, at your home, at our office, it doesn’t matter – we travel. Our closing agents work for you and with you to fit your schedule. We also offer in office closing throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Evening Closings – Can’t get out of work? Our agents are available from the wee hours of the morning until late in the evening.

Title Insurance – While most insurance products and policies protect against future events, title insurance protects against any loss that may arise from hazards and defects that already exist; and therefore, affect your legal claim to the property you own or are purchasing. In order to determine the existence of such hazards and defects, a title search and examination of public records must be made by industry professionals who trace the chain of ownership. Your title insurance policy will protect you from these risks and hazards. A few of the more common risks would be:

  • Unknown heirs that may have a claim to your property
  • Forged documents within the chain of title
  • Fraud involving false impersonation
  • Easements on your property that you are not aware of

Two Types of Policies
Lender’s Policy – A Policy required by the lender to secure their interest to your property. A Lender’s policy is commonly issued in the amount of mortgage loan and declines as the mortgage is paid off.
Owner’s Policy – An Owner’s policy is used to protect you -The homebuyer’s financial interest. Unlike the Lender’s policy, this amount will be in the amount of the purchase price and never declines.

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